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Whipped Body Butter



Gently exfoliate using organic coconut oil and pure sugar. Fragrance oil is added to enhance the senses.



Ultra Nourishing Lotion Bars provide the hydration your body is craving!



Refresh after a day out and about in the sun.



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The Arthritis Relief cream by Prairie Flower Naturals is amazing! The cream has provided relief to my father's spine. Definitely worth the purchase!

Brenda Oja

Love, love, love the Headache Relief. Purchased for my daughter and it has done well for her and me. My headache was gone in under 15 minutes. I used it on my sore neck as well, would highly recommend.

Nia Olson

My hands were horribly cracked...knuckles had multiple cracks so bad it hurt to bend them. I was using lotion several times a day. Used the Cracked Hand Repair at night and the next morning my hands were much better. Used it a couple more times during the day and evening and saw instant results. Amazing!

Tanya Haarsager